Bryan Rawles | California Based Commercial & Documentary Director

The best part of being a director is diving into stories, worlds, and people far beyond my own experience. I’ve met amazing people from all walks of life—refugees, CEOs, cowboys, and celebrities—each with a unique story to tell. My own story has had its own share of twists and turns: I served as a machine gunner in the Marine Corps, including a tour in Iraq, and after leaving the Marines, I graduated from Emerson College and pursued a career in film. Starting as an editor, I later evolved into a director.

My combat experience taught me that the greatest skill in life is empathy. This perspective drives my work, whether I'm shooting in the streets of Kabul or in Syrian refugee camps, collaborating with brands like State Farm, Subaru, GoPro, Apple, YouTube, Google, and many others.

As a creative director, editor, and combat veteran, I bring a unique perspective to every project. I'm committed to making each project my best work and learning more about this incredible world we all inhabit.

I look forward to meeting you.

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